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About us

Made with heart. Served with joy.



一個「安心」、「健康」、「美味」、和「溫暖像家」的Joyheart Cafe。

當藉由食物傳遞愛的同時,我們也將愛心散播到社區及當地的農民,盡可能使用當地食材以減少食物「碳足跡」,同時不定期舉行種樹、淨灘等活動,讓來Joyheart Café用餐的每一個人都有機會關懷大地!

We are the lovers of nature and environment! We heartfully handcraft our food to bring out its freshness and delicious tastes. We carefully select our ingredients to make sure that they do not have pesticides or artificial additives. What we want to offer you is a healthy, yummy, and homey Joyheart Café( Taiwanese Vegetarian restaurant ).


We want to spread our love to our community and local farmers with our food. We want to make our food with less “carbon footprint”. We will occasionally organize environmental promotion activities, such as tree planting, so that our Joyheart Café customers can participate in our love of nature. We also provide Vegan food with no MSG ro ensure your health and Smile. 

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